Zoom cat filter lawyer passes torch to upside-down congressman

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Virtual meeting technology takes revenge on people. The day after attorney Rod Ponton went viral get stuck with a kitten filter We got a new technical problem during a Zoom hearing. At a House Financial Services Committee meeting Wednesday, Minnesota Republican MP Tom Emmer revealed himself as an upside-down, floating head.

Chairwoman Maxine Waters stopped Emmer, and just like the kitten attorney, the congressman pleaded technical ignorance and said he didn’t know how to improve his image.

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“I don’t know what happened,” said Emmer when Waters asked if he was okay. “It just came out like that. I turned it off and on again and I’m still …”

The kitten incident was obviously fresh on the minds of viewers as numerous legislators shouted variations on “At least he’s not a cat.” One said, “You’re going viral, Tom.”

Emmer was able to correct his upside-down image and continue speaking. He later tweeted a photo of his upside-down face with the knowing headline “I’m not a cat”.

One Twitter user replied, “Sounds exactly like a cat would say.”

Sounds exactly like a cat would say.

– Mark Sloan (@sloannyc) February 10, 2021