Zesty Paws® Launches New Cat Complement Line Completely at Chewy

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Zesty Paws launched its cat supplement line exclusively on Chewy.com through January 1, 2021.

Zesty Paws®, a leading brand of functional pet supplements, announced today that its new line of cat supplements will be launched exclusively on Chewy.com through January 1, 2021. The new line of functional supplements for cats offers support for three functional areas: Aller-Immune, Hairball Support and Calming.

“We pride ourselves on providing functional pet supplements for pet parents who want to keep their Beast Feeling Zesty ™. We have formed this exclusive partnership with Chewy to bring more product options to our loyal cat parents through an online platform they already know and trust, ”said Steve Ball, CEO of Zesty Paws®. “At a time when we are limiting our trips to the store, Chewy will connect our cat parents with products that improve their cat’s health through convenient, fast, contactless delivery.”

This new line of Zesty Paws® products, specifically designed for cats, contains functional supplements that address general areas of cat health:

Zesty Paws® Lysine Immune Bites ™ can help seasonal allergies in cats and support the immune system response. Made with a blend of astragalus root, L-lysine and EpiCor®, these salmon-flavored chews are the best way to support the immune system.

Zesty Paws® Hairball Bites ™ are high quality chewy candies made from zinc, mineral oil and AlaskOmega® that can help minimize hairball formation while supporting your favorite cat’s skin and digestive health.

Zesty Paws® Calming Bites ™ are soft chewy candies that can bring calm and serenity to your furry friend. These chews made from chamomile, melatonin and Suntheanine® support normal stress and keep your cat calm.

The new Zesty Paws® cat products are now available online at Chewy.com and ZestyPaws.com. Learn more about Zesty Paws® at ZestyPaws.com or follow the brand on Instagram.

About Zesty Paws®

Since 2014, Zesty Paws® has been led by a team of pet parents who are committed to providing premium products to enable and inspire a ZEST FOR LIFE among pets and pet parents. As the top-rated brand for functional pet supplements, Zesty Paws® is the most trusted brand for innovative solutions that guide and promote the path to wellbeing. Zesty Paws® products specialize in the care of dogs and cats and make your Beast feel Zesty ™. Please visit https://zestypaws.com/ for more information.

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