YUP PUP Launches All-Pure Hemp CBD Canine Treats

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WESTPORT, Conn., April 28, 2021 / PRNewswire / – YUP PUP today announced the launch of its hemp all-natural CBD dog treat. The brand debut coincides with the growing boom in consumer investment in pet welfare, as well as the return of many dog ​​owners to the office, which is a major source of concern for their pets.

“YUP PUP brings the benefits of hemp CBD to a new generation of users,” he said Josephsequencia, CEO of YUP PUP. “The pre-launch feedback was extremely positive. Dogs have consistently experienced anxiety, but we’ve also heard great stories about a variety of additional health benefits.”

The entire pet care industry has seen exponential growth in recent years, with the demand for premium grooming products being a major driver. The US pet care market was $ 99 billion in 2020 * with a hemp CBD pet with an explosive CAGR of 45% in a year ending at 2020 $ 563 million**.

“We worked with a nationally respected veterinarian for a year. Kristin Barstow and high-class food scientists at High Purity to develop a hemp-derived CBD treatment that can be taken daily to improve overall health and treat certain issues such as anxiety, joint pain, digestion, and healthy coats. Essentially, it’s the canine version of an anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, probiotic, multivitamin green juice. “

YUP PUP’s mission is to treat our pets with the same health and happiness that they treat us with! YUP PUP is made from natural ingredients and is available in Tasty Bacon Treats, Peanut Butter Bites and Savory Salmon Snacks. It’s hemp-derived CBD with droolable YUM. Done with only the good things, it’s the indulgence that treats anxiety and bacon cravings

YUP PUP starts with a completely unique brand positioning and a cross-platform digital campaign. Customized, demo and geographically oriented social media with real-time analytics enable nimble strategic adjustments and quick creative implementation.

See YUPPUP.SHOP for more information.

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