You will quickly have the ability to feed your cat insect-based meals

It is no secret that livestock have a huge impact on the environment and that reducing meat consumption is required to address the problem. There is one uncomfortable aspect to these conversations, however: many people have pets who need meat in their diet for good health – and insects seem like the ideal solution.

The idea of ​​consuming insects as protein is not new, but many people are not thrilled with the possibility. We are probably years away from insect-based insect foods, but pet foods are a different matter – your cat will neither know nor care where the protein in their snacks comes from.

UK based Lovebug is one of the newest companies preparing to launch a cat food product that uses insects as a source of protein instead of cattle, chickens and the like. The company says its product, available in nibble form, is “nutritionally complete” for adult cats while also being more sustainable than beef-based alternatives.

Raising traditional farm animals such as cattle requires a lot of space and resources, while raising breeding insects can be done in a much smaller space. Likewise, insects do not need as much food and water, and cultivating them results in less waste products.

Lovebug’s insect-based cat food is sold in recyclable, plastic-free packaging, according to the company. Interested consumers can currently register for a warning message at the product launch. According to New Atlas, the cat food will be available in the UK this spring, but for a 2.2 pound bag it won’t be cheap at around $ 18. It is unclear whether the company plans to launch the product in other markets.

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