Yard sale to benefit town cat

McCORDSVILLE – A Treasures and Trinkets joint sale is scheduled for next month in McCordsville, proceeds of which will benefit Oscar the Cat and the City Mascot Fund.

Sale is scheduled for September 11th, 8:00 am-3:00pm at City Hall Community Park, 6280 W. 800N., McCordsville. Tent reservations for sellers and sellers are now accepted. A fee of $ 15 will reserve a spot. The proceeds from the stand space will benefit Oscars Town Mascot Fund. The city cat has medical concerns; The proceeds will go to the Cathy Gardner Town Mascot Nonreverting Fund, which was named in honor of the former town clerk after her retirement. For more information, please email Beth Morton, bmorton@mccordsville.org.

Bumblebee art accepted for the Riley Festival

GREENFIELD – Hancock County Arts is hosting a Bumblebees and Bugs watercolor class with artist Sandy Hall on August 18th at 12:30 pm. The course costs $ 30 and includes accessories. As the theme of the Riley Festival this fall is “The Bumblebee”, participants are encouraged to submit their pieces to the festival show as well. The course takes place at 20A North Gallery, 20 N. State St. in downtown Greenfield.

Any artwork about bumblebees can be included in the Riley Festival Show. The cost to attend the show is $ 10 for two pieces. The registration deadline for the show is August 25th. For more information about the show or the watercolor course, visit www.hancockcountyarts.com.

Chalk Festival returns on September 11th

GREENFIELD – The Chalk Fest returns for the 13th time on September 11th, this time in the pool and parking area of ​​Riley Park. We are seeking salespeople interested in attending the Hancock County Arts-sponsored event. Space is $ 25; The provider’s opening times are from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Email to hancockcountyarts@gmail.com. If you want to participate in chalk drawings, register at greenfieldin.org/parks.

Journey Bags accept donations for autumn clothing

GREENFIELD – Journey Bags of Hancock County is soliciting donations for fall and winter clothing. Items you need include infant to adult size jeans, pants, and leggings. Donations can be made in boxes at the entrances of either branch of the Hancock County Public Library.

Journey Bags provides toiletries and clothing to disadvantaged children in the county. For more information, please visit http://handsofhopein.org/ or facebook.com/JourneyBagsofHancockCo {p dir = ”ltr”} Women Helping Women Event set {p dir = ”ltr”} {span} GREENFIELD – The 23rd Annual Women Helping The women’s celebration is scheduled for October 28th at 5pm in the Adaggios Banquet Hall and Conference Center. Women Helping Women is a Hancock Health Foundation program that raises funds for mammograms and other health services for under- and uninsured women in the community. {/ span} {p dir = ”ltr”} {span} For more information or donations, visit hancockregionalhospital.org/foundation/events/women-helping-women. {/ Range}

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