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EMT Bystander: I was dying to help Floyd, but the police wouldn’t let me

Hennepin County Court An off-duty Minneapolis firefighter and trained paramedic testified Tuesday that she asked officers to let her help George Floyd with his death – but one of the law enforcement agencies “didn’t let her on the scene” and told her, “If you do are really a Minneapolis firefighter then you know better than to get involved, “Minneapolis police officer Tou Thao told Genevieve Hansen on Tuesday, crying as she explained to the jury all the various” tactics “she was trying to use who persuaded the four cops who arrested Floyd to let her into the scene. She said she asked, begged, and even berated the officers for being “so desperate to help.” “I was really worried. I thought his face looked puffy and puffy, which would happen if you put the weight on a grown man’s neck, ”she said, adding that she was“ totally desperate ”if her offers of help were ignored. “I identified myself immediately because I realized he needed immediate medical attention.” “I was dying to help and couldn’t do what I had to do,” she said. Minneapolis firefighter Genevieve Clara Hansen gets emotional when testifying about police officers hampered their efforts to save George Floyd’s life pic.twitter.com/sXi8cDoaTe – Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) March 30, 2021 Hansen said she pulled out her cell phone to record the arrest. After Floyd’s lifeless body was loaded into an ambulance, she said she called 911 “after it all settled in and I wish I had done that right away”. “Hansen told 911 dispatchers on May 25, according to a tape played in court. When their call was played in court, Chauvin was staring around the courtroom. Hansen is one of seven witnesses who testify against Chauvin, as far as they are concerned Prosecutors seek evidence that he used excessive force while kneeling on Floyd’s neck for over 9 minutes during an arrest.The 45-year-old chauvin is not guilty of second-, third-degree and second-degree homicide and is facing a conviction Expect up to 40 years imprisonment. Attorney Eric Nelson has argued that Floyd’s death was the result of health problems and drugs – and that his client just did what he was trained to do during his 19 year career. Three other officers – Thao, Thomas K. Lane and J. Alexander Kueng pleaded not guilty of second degree murder in the commission of a ver to support breaking and to support and encourage second-degree manslaughter with culpable negligence. They are expected to be tried together in August. Hansen said she “went for a walk” on May 25 after working a 48-hour shift at the fire station. After seeing police lights from a distance, she thought there might be a fire nearby and walked that direction. “As I got closer, a woman across the street yelled that they were going to kill him,” she said, adding that she circled the scene and moved closer because she was “worried about seeing a man handcuffed, who didn’t move with officers whose entire body weight was on their backs and a crowd who was stressed. ”“ Something was wrong ”: 911 dispatcher watched George Floyds The arrest was so disturbed that it phoned a supervisor. Hansen said that in addition to being certified as an aid, she also works “with many overdoses” in a busy fire station and regularly sees unconscious and “pulseless” people at work. The experience allowed her to see that Floyd was in imminent danger, and got them to contact Chauvin and Thao to insist they check a pulse, she said. In a video that was played in court on Tuesday, Hansen can be heard saying several times that she is a trained doctor. Instead, Thao led her to the sidewalk with the growing crowd and seemed to scold her for offering her help: “That’s not right, that’s exactly what I should have done. There was no local medical assistance, ”she said Tuesday, adding that she had“ provided medical assistance to the best of her ability ”. Feeling “helpless”, Hansen said she was starting to get annoyed with the officers and taping the scene. Another viewer, 33-year-old MMA fighter Donald Williams, testified Tuesday that he repeatedly told Chauvin he was using a dangerous chokehold. In a video of the incident, Williams can be heard asking Chauvin to remove his knee from Floyd’s neck. He gives him several names that he has not regretted. Call the police on Police’Darnella, a teenager who made the viral video of Floyd’s death. He testified Tuesday that Floyd “suffered” and repeatedly said he could not breathe. As the crowd grew, Chauvin and Thao even grabbed their maces and said, “You are on another level!” Hansen yells a video as Chauvin continues to kneel on Floyd’s neck. Prosecutors said Floyd had no pulse when he was loaded into the emergency vehicle. Darnella told jurors that paramedics would have to motion to Chauvin to leave Floyd on arrival. The teen’s 9-year-old cousin, who also testified on Tuesday, described how Chauvin had to be “pulled” from Floyd who had heart disease and fentanyl on his system. An independent report commissioned by Floyd’s family, which is not shown in court, concluded that he died from pressure on his back and neck. Both reports stated that Floyd’s death was murder. Hansen got angry at the booth and said that if she had worked on the day Floyd was arrested, she would have “done the best she could to provide medical assistance … and humans were denied that right. “I should have called 911 immediately,” said Hansen. Read more at The Daily Beast. 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