World Veterinary Day 2021 focuses on veterinarian response to the COVID-19 disaster

The World Veterinary Association wants WVA member associations to share how veterinarians have helped the world respond to COVID-19. The theme of the World Veterinary 2021, which will take place on April 24th, is “The Veterinarian’s Response to the COVID-19 Crisis”.

WVA launched World Veterinary Day in 2000 as an annual celebration of the veterinary profession that takes place on the last Saturday in April. For two years, the WVA has been working with Health for Animals, the global association for veterinary medicinal products, on the Health Veterinary Day Award, with which the activities of a WVA member on this topic are recognized.

According to this year’s awards show, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic “has changed life as we know it and has significantly affected the global human and animal population.

“And yet, in these challenging times, veterinary medicine has developed meaningfully and quickly, demonstrating the ability of veterinarians to deal with it, adapt and adapt. and continue their roles as leaders in animal health, welfare and public health. “

WVA and Health for Animals present the World Veterinary Day Award and US $ 3,500 for the best contribution to the annual topic of a WVA member association working alone or with other groups.

In 2020, the theme of the World Veterinary Day was “Environmental protection to improve human and animal health”. Indian Veterinary Association – Kerala won the 2020 World Veterinary Day Award for promoting the theme with 75 activities. Among the activities were the following:

  • Acceptance of a promise on World Veterinary Day.
  • A four day national online seminar.
  • A series of publications and competitions.
  • A tree planting campaign.
  • Implementation of telehealth services for farmers.
  • Development of a phone app.
  • Distribution of fodder to farmers in need.
  • Distribution of personal protective equipment to health workers.
  • A series of social media campaigns.
  • A one health art exhibition.
  • Developing educational programs for farmers.
  • A veterinary convention for women with an emphasis on equality.

Details on the World Veterinary Day and the World Veterinary Day Award can be found on the WVA website.

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