Woman whose dog was stolen finds pet for sale 200 miles away

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A woman whose dogs were stolen tracked one of them down nearly 200 miles away after scouring the internet.

Jane Jenkins, a licensed breeder from Swansea, Wales, had her Labrador Arthur and her Cocker Spaniel Bandit stolen earlier this year.

After the theft, she searched thousands of advertisements online in hopes of finding her pets.

In March, she received a lead on an online ad listing a male Labrador for sale in Merseyside.

“I’ve looked at thousands of black Labrador puppies and he was the first one that I actually thought yes, he was,” she told the BBC.

“I couldn’t believe he was on Merseyside. And then I panicked a bit as to how we should get it back. “

South Wales and Merseyside Police have confirmed the puppy was indeed Arthur and he has now been brought back home.

The owner of the house he was found in was arrested but later released without charge after telling police that he had bought the dog from someone else.

But almost 12 months after the January 13 theft, Bandit is still missing.

(Jane Jenkins / Facebook)

Jenkins described Bandit as an “unusual color,” which leads them to believe it was stolen for breeding.

Jenkins posts regularly on her Facebook page, informs about her search and advocates the safe return of Bandit.

In an update on Nov. 26, Jenkins said Bandit’s safe return was the only thing she wanted for Christmas.

“I am honestly desperate, please can I have my girl back,” she wrote.

“I’ve existed since she left and now I feel like my heart is beating with chest pain.

“Please hand them over to a vet or guard, just say you found them. You can find them.” She is the only thing I wanted. “