Woman Shares Key Sign To Tell If It’s Too Hot To Walk The Dog

It’s absolutely humid today, and it’s important that your furry friends stay just as cool in the heat as you do. Well, a dog owner shared a handy tip to help you decide if it’s too hot to take your dog for a walk:

Sian Coffey posted a video on her TikTok account urging people to be more careful in hot weather as it could be incredibly dangerous for their pets.

The video recorded for an interactive doorbell shows a man walking the sidewalk with his dog.

The dog then scurries quickly across the street and strives straight for a shady spot under a tree.

Sian’s caption reads, “If you’re one of the many idiots who will walk your dog in a heatwave, you shouldn’t own a dog.

“Watch the dog run into the shadows because the floor was boiling.

“If you can’t keep the back of your hand on the floor for five seconds, it’s too hot.”

It has been viewed over 444,000 times since the video was released, and other pet owners piled in the comments to show their support.

Photo credit: PA

In line with Sian, one user said, “Every dog ​​owner should know. If you disagree, you are the problem.”

Another broke in: “I work in a pub and the amount of people taking their dogs out in the heat annoys me so much.

“They often don’t bring any water either. Fortunately, we make it available.”

“A dog won’t die if he hasn’t walked in a day, he dies if he walks in this heat,” commented a third.

While another added, “It was way too hot for dogs to be outside today, I didn’t take mine at all.”

Met Office operational meteorologist Andy Page said: “The extension of the Azores high is the main driver of the current weather pattern in the UK, with much of the UK set to hit heat waves over the weekend and early next week.

Photo credit: PAPhoto credit: PA

“High temperatures will stay in the forecast well into next week, but there is a risk of occasional heavy showers in the south of the UK on Monday and Tuesday, although that should be largely okay for most areas.”

But as temperatures will rise, Public Health England has also issued a heat warning that is due to last until Tuesday morning (July 20th).

The scientific and technical director Dr. Owen Landeg said, “Much of the advice on overcoming the heat is common sense, and for many people it is very enjoyable for warmer times.

“However, the summer heat can pose real health risks for some people, such as the elderly, people with pre-existing conditions and young children. So we urge everyone to keep an eye on those you know who may be at risk.” .

“If you can, ask if your friends, family, or neighbors need help. Take water with you when you travel and keep up to date with the weather forecast.

“It’s also worth remembering the practical steps to keep homes cool during the day, as this can aid sleep at night and give the body time to recover from the heat.”

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