Woman mauled by Conroe police dog is now pressing charges after a mental health call

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CONROE, Texas (KTRK) – A mother of two is now suing multiple authorities after arresting a Conroe police attack dog in 2018. This week, Conroe Police made the incident public. It reveals that Sligh has returned to a corner along their fence with a deputy and a trained police dog with his handler, Tyson Sutton.

Now Sligh has filed a civil rights lawsuit in federal court in Houston.

According to Sligh’s attorney, she ran barefoot and unarmed into the woods just before this happened. Her friend called the police about a social check-up when he said she had behaved suicidal and cut herself.

Montgomery County MPs found her back in the fence, as seen in the video. The lawsuit states that Conroe cop, Sutton, released the dog on Sligh as she was walking away from the deputy.

The dog clung to Sligh for over a minute and had bitten her several times.

“I hope they train their cops better on mental health calls.” said Slight.

Sligh was in the hospital for about a week and had to return several times when her dog bites became infected. She is now due thousands of dollars in hospital bills.

The woman suffers from bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression. She says that whole ordeal left her with more mental health problems.

“It’s horrific what happened to Sligh,” said civil rights activist Randall Kallinen. “Conroe needs clear protocols when he sends an attack dog for a psychiatric examination.”

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