Woman lets pet dog become riddled with ticks

A woman from Western Australia was charged with animal cruelty after thousands of ticks were found all over her dog.

In December last year, the RSPCA received a report on Bobbi, a Mastiff hybrid that had a “large number” of ticks and was underweight.

Bobbi’s owner was instructed to take her to the vet and submit a health report to the RSPCA.

In a statement released Monday, the RSPCA said the court had been told that Bobbi’s owners were not following instructions and that it was becoming difficult to communicate with them.

A severe tick infestation was found on Bobbi. Source: Delivered / RSPCA

At the request of the RSPCA, a ranger from the Shire of Broome went to the woman’s property, but the woman refused to open the door.

She was told that Bobbi would have to be taken to the vet that day or she could face prosecution.

Once again the woman failed to comply and Bobbie was arrested by the RSPCA with the assistance of WA Police.

Bobbi was taken to Broome Veterinary Clinic, where she was found to be suffering from a “severe” tick infestation – with thousands of ticks on both ears at “different stages of life.”

She also had hundreds of ticks all over her body and suffered from ehrlichiosis, a disease caused by ticks.

Bobbi was lethargic and in poor physical condition with a fever and anemia.

The RSPCA said the tick infested Bobbi for weeks or possibly months. Source: Delivered / RSPCA

The RSPCA said it would have taken Bobbi weeks, if not months, to get into this condition.

“Their ears almost defied belief that there were so many ticks in there,” said Hannah Dreaver, executive manager of Animal and Enforcement Operations, in a statement.

“It must have been so painful for Bobbi and the itching would have driven her insane, not to mention the fever and anemia that made her feel so uncomfortable.”

Ms. Dreaver said there is never an excuse for an animal like Bobbi to suffer, as pets rely on their owners to look after their needs.

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Bobbi has now recovered and is still at the RSPCA WA in Perth.  Source: Delivered / RSPCA

Bobbi has now recovered and is still at the RSPCA WA in Perth. Source: Delivered / RSPCA

“Bobbi has now recovered and remains in the care of RSPCA WA in Perth, where she is healthy, happy and one of the greatest cuddles we have ever seen,” he added.

Bobbi’s owner was found guilty of cruelty to animals for failing to comply with written instructions and RSPCA instructions to have the dog seen by a veterinarian.

The 33-year-old woman has been banned from possession or contact with a dog for 10 years, in addition to a $ 3,750 fine and $ 2,068.38 payment.

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