Woman burned rescuing her dog from Yellowstone hot spring

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo (AP) – A woman from Washington State suffered burns from her shoulders to her feet when she tried to rescue her dog from a hot spring in Yellowstone National Park.

Park rangers and firefighters looked after the 20-year-old woman before she was taken to the burn unit at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls, park officials said in a statement Tuesday.

The woman’s name, burn intensity, and condition were not disclosed after she was burned in the Madison Junction area Monday afternoon.

The woman and father had stopped to look around when their dog jumped out of their car and jumped into Maiden’s Grave Spring near the Firehole River. After the woman tried to save the dog, her father pulled her out of the well and drove her to West Yellowstone, Montana.

Someone rescued the dog and the father said he was planning to take him to a veterinarian, park officials said.

She was the second woman to be burned to death at a Yellowstone hot spring facility in the past few weeks.

A park concession worker suffered second and third degree burns to 5% of her body near Old Faithful Geyser in September, park officials said.

Yellowstone has more than 10,000 thermal features that can get up to 280 degrees Fahrenheit (138 degrees Celsius).

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