Wish to know the key to your canine’s well being? This allergy testing equipment will assist

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Keep your dog happy and healthy by learning about their allergies.

March 31, 2021 Updated: March 31, 2021 1:31 p.m.



Your dog is your child – except in the perfectly idealized situation where a child couldn’t talk to you. You are the best listeners out there and when you look into those big soulful puppy eyes you feel so much joy and love. But if you live in California, the chances are your fur baby will be adopted. If that is the case, then good for you! However, if you are not aware of your dog’s health issues, problems can sometimes arise that can affect you and affect their lifespan.

Each puppy has a completely unique genetic makeup, especially when it comes to nutritional needs. You see, most people have no idea that their dogs have some type of food sensitivity or allergy, because how would you? Not because they tell you, that’s for sure! This is why the My Pet Kit allergy test is so revolutionary! This kit can improve your dog’s unique intolerances so you can get him in the best health of his life.

Unfortunately for your little ones, itchy skin, upset stomach, and other uncomfortable conditions are caused by food sensitivities and environmental factors that your pet comes into daily contact with. What you don’t know is that these allergies may even be the reason you had so many expensive trips to the vet.

My Pet Allergy Test is designed to be an affordable, easy way to uncover the factors that can adversely affect your pet’s overall wellbeing. How it works: By measuring the proteins in your dog’s sample, Allergy Test My Pet can report over 100 items that may affect your dog so you can remove them from their diet or lifestyle, including laundry, detergents and tobacco and other household items.

The My Pet Kit allergy test is typically $ 99, but it can be purchased for just $ 69.99 for a limited time.

Subject to price changes.