Wisdom Panel Launches Cat DNA Test, Donates $30K to Rescue Organization

Press release: Wisdom Health Genetics

Wisdom Health Genetics, the global leader in pet genetics and the maker of the Wisdom Panel canine DNA testing, recently announced the launch of Wisdom Panel Complete for cats.

Developed by the world’s leading geneticists and veterinarians, Wisdom Panel Complete for Cats provides vital insights about your cat, including breed breakdown, trait tests, and health risks, to help you better understand your cat and provide the best possible care.

With this new product launch, Wisdom Panel is celebrating Adopt a Shelter Cat Month with a $ 30,000 donation to the North Shore Animal League America, the world’s largest no-kill rescue and adoption organization. To help raise awareness and support for cat adoption, the $ 30,000 donation will cover adoption fees for all approved adoptive children of cats and kittens at Animal League America during Adopt a Shelter Cat Month; It will also include at least $ 1 for every Wisdom Panel cat DNA test sold on the Wisdom Health Genetics website in June.

“If the Wisdom Panel pays the adoption fees for all approved adoptees, especially now at the height of the kitten season, it will not only help us raise awareness of the importance of rescue and adoption, but also help, for so many cats and kittens to find loving homes, ”said Joanne Yohannan, senior vice president of operations for the North Shore Animal League America. “Every time you adopt, you save two lives: one that you take home and the other that we can save and put in its place. We are really grateful for this opportunity to shed some light on the importance of adoption. “

As the most comprehensive cat DNA test on the market, the Wisdom Panel Complete for Cats examines more than 45 genetic diseases and medical complications, including determining your cat’s blood type and transfusion risk. If a cat’s results show health results, the pet parents can schedule a free phone call to one of the licensed veterinarians to discuss any notable health results. Complete for Cats’ parentage testing detects over 70 races and populations and identifies the racial mix to within one percent.

“After more than a decade of providing cat DNA testing to breeders, we are proud to announce the introduction of Wisdom Panel Complete for Cats to all cat parents. Complete for Cats gives you vital insights into your cat’s health, traits and ancestry so you can groom yourself smarter and love longer, ”said Annette Louviere, DVM, Manager, Technical Veterinary Support at Wisdom Health, part of Kinship Partners, Inc “Most effective for pet owners and veterinarians alike: Thanks to genetic screening tests for common diseases that affect vital body systems such as the heart, liver and kidneys, our Complete for Cats DNA tests can help you plan your cat’s preventive measures. . Likewise, we hope that we can do more research to unravel the genetics behind complex cat diseases and, one day, understand the underlying causes that will greatly improve the health and welfare of cats around the world. ”

In addition to its partnership with the North Shore Animal League America, Wisdom Panel is hosting the Indie Cat Show, a first-of-its-kind virtual event that shows the uniqueness of cats. The Indie Cat Show celebrates everything that makes cats unique by amplifying the voices (and awarding prizes) of the people they love most. The Indie Cat Show begins June 14th and ends July 2nd at 9:00 p.m. EST on Instagram only.

The new Complete for Cats DNA Test supports Kinship’s mission to help every pet owner like a pro: using genetics and data to help people be the best possible pet parents and find better care methods.

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