Winner of Lancaster Metropolis Council’s inaugural canine welfare award revealed

Sarah Hayland and Sarah Jones of the Lancaster City Council’s dog guardian and animal licensing team present the award (socially distant) to the Wolfwood Wildlife and Dog Rescue team.

Founded by the Lancaster City Council’s dog guardian and animal licensing team, the award pays tribute to a former colleague, Alison McGowan, who sadly passed away last year.

Nominations were sought from individuals, charities, or organizations in the Lancaster County for work that had benefited dogs either through a one-off incident or as an ongoing project.

Eight nominees were suggested by 74 people, making it difficult for judges to narrow them down to one eventual winner.

After much deliberation, Wolfwood Wildlife and Dog Rescue took the top spot. Comments made in support of her nomination included, “You are making a tremendous contribution to the welfare of the dogs in the district” and “The team works tirelessly to improve the lives of all dogs that come to the rescue and remain active Play a role settled in their eternal home ”.

City Council Health and Safety Officer Mark Woodhead said, “We were blown away by the number of entries for the award. We created it to honor Alison’s memory and to thank someone who has contributed to the welfare of the dogs in our district, just as she has done during her long service.

“Of the nominees, Wolfwood only brought the other worthy nominees to the post. You embody all of the values ​​Alison himself represented, and we congratulate Stephen and the entire Wolfwood team.

“A big thank you to everyone who took the time and effort to nominate someone for the award. There might only be one winner, but we want this award to grow and grow, so there will be another chance next year. “

The following nominees received high praise:

Ian Roberts – Comments from those who nominated Ian included: “The Ian-run One Every Hour Foundation shows its commitment to the housing, rehabilitation and rehabilitation of dogs in the district” and “Ian should be recognized for his hard work on rehabilitation.” Ian commends dogs that have suffered from previous abuse, neglect, behavioral and medical problems ”.

Brenda Williams – Comments from those who nominated Brenda included: “Brenda was nominated for her relentless fundraiser for charities and dog rescues across the district,” and “Brenda runs tons of sweepstakes, online auctions and fundraisers that valued £ 1,000 Donations were made for the care and maintenance of countless rescue dogs in the district “.