Why shouldn’t I chain my canine up?

Most people chain up their dogs for a variety of reasons, while some do so without realizing the harm it can do to their dogs.

Unfortunately, although the intentions behind this act could be innocent, if a dog is chained and its freedom of movement is restricted, it can be extremely detrimental to the dog’s health, wellbeing, and ability to interact with people and animals.

Boksburg’s SPCA manager Vicky Finnemore highlights some of the problems with chaining and tethering a dog:
• Dogs can suffer physical harm if they are constantly tied up. Their necks can become rough and sore, and their collars can painfully grow into their skin.
• They are prone to insect bites and parasites.
• You are at high risk of entanglement or strangulation.
• You are vulnerable to harassment or attack from other dogs or people.
• Tied dogs can also suffer from irregular feeding, overturned water bowls, inadequate veterinary care, and extreme temperatures.
• When it rains and storms, these dogs often have no access to the shelter. During times of extreme heat, they may not get enough water or protection from the sun.
• Owners who chain their dogs are less likely to clean the area, causing the dogs to eat and sleep in an area contaminated with urine and feces.
• Chained dogs are rarely treated lovingly and can develop behavioral problems such as aggression.

According to Finnemore, dogs held on chains or leashes can become bored, lonely, and depressed without the freedom to run around, play, and engage in their natural behavior.

“Many owners who keep their dogs tied up often fail to realize the emotional damage they cause. Like us, they long for companionship and suffer tremendous suffering when they are forced to spend all of their time alone with no freedom of movement, ”said Finnemore.

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