Why Russell Brand Is Devastated Over His Dog

According to a report by The Sun, Russell Brand was out walking his German Shepherd Dog when the dog caught a female wallaby with her baby in her pouch. Brand was able to save the Joey, but unfortunately Bear tore the mother to death. The Sun also reports that local residents say the fire was “devastated” over the attack.

“Absolutely nobody blames Russell or his dog – it’s just a terrible accident,” an unnamed resident told The Sun. “In fact, Russell was the hero because he managed to save little Joey.” They continued, “It could have been a lot worse if he hadn’t intervened so quickly. He is a very caring person with animals – he has many pets and they are all his babies. I understand he’s devastated about what happened. It’s really sad.”

Although wallabies are native to Australia and New Guinea, it is believed that the growing population of wild wallabies in Henley-on-Thames was due to a local wildlife attraction that wallabies escaped from (via BBC).

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