Why Do You Need an Injury Lawyer After a Dog Bite Injury?

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One in 69 people is dog attacked, according to CDC reports. This statistic is too alarming to be ignored as a minor mishap. Depending on the severity of the dog bite, you can suffer many injuries and trauma. For this reason, if you or a loved one is victim of a dog bite, find an injury attorney.

The accident controls

Attack by violent dogs must be treated as a life-threatening injury as its extent can be just as fatal as any other accidental injury. The risks include the following.

  • You do not know the health of the dog that bit you. Its bite can cause you to develop rabies if the dog is not examined medically, making it a life-threatening situation.
  • Blood Loss: If you don’t get timely medical attention, you can suffer massive blood loss and muscle and tendon injuries. In worse cases, stitches and medical operations would be necessary.
  • Infections: From the dog’s bite, you can get infections like MRSA and Pasteurella, which can be fatal to your health.
  • Dog bites are a violent attack and will take you completely by surprise if you are vigilant on the premises. It has the potential to cause you psychological trauma that can persist for a long time after the injury. It could be worse if the victim of the dog attack is a child. The attack can cause persistent fear, panic, and trauma in an adolescent child.
  • If you have to undergo an operation, it will affect your job and result in significant financial loss.

Hence, you shouldn’t take a dog bite casually. A compensation attorney will assess the extent of the injury and gather the necessary details. The lawyer can help you get the compensation you are due and alleviate some of your suffering.

Dog ownership

The dog owners are solely responsible for dogs. For the most part, dog owners say their dog is not biting. However, if there is no valid reason to say so, the dog owner is responsible for your injury.

If you step on a property warning you of the presence of a dog that can bite and still ignore it, you will not be able to make a compelling case.

However, let’s say the dog is in a public place, away from the owner’s vigilance, when it has bitten you or another victim in general. It is an injury for which the owner is solely responsible.

Alternatively, consider that the owner knew about the dog’s biting tendencies and still left him unattended. In this case, the person can face severe penalties and penalties. A damages attorney can help you get justice. They will help you and in the future save others from this dog’s attack as you walk around.

Assertion of Claims

When asserting your claims for damages, the lawyer will consider the following points.

  • The extent of your injuries, infections, and surgeries that you may have to go through.
  • The premises where the dog bit you.
  • The history of the dog’s attack, its veterinary information.
  • All of the costs you incur as a result of the dog bite.

Once the claims for damages have been made, your lawyer can take your side. They will gather and present essential evidence of the preparatory work and damage involved to justify your case and ensure you receive adequate compensation.


If the dog owner has insurance for the pet, the compensation is paid through the policy. Otherwise, the dog owner will be liable to you for your loss. The insurance companies can try to prove that you somehow instigated the dog which led to the injury. Either way, the dog owner will have strong disagreements in order to give you the benefit.

While you are still recovering from the trauma and injuries of the dog attack, the stress of defending your side can become too much to deal with. Here your lawyer can represent you well with his many years of negotiation experience.

If you or someone in your friends and family is unfortunate enough to be bitten by a dog, you have the right to seek advice from a reliable professional. The experience and skills of a recognized injury attorney will help you fight your case because of the disfigurement, pain, and discomfort you have endured. Receive adequate compensation for your physical injuries and emotional turmoil.