What the pandemic taught us about veterinary telemedicine

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In this interview at the Directions in Veterinary Medicine conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, Aaron Smiley, DVM, discusses how the pandemic inspired veterinarians to adjust the way they provide telemedicine

During this interview with dvm360®, Aaron Smiley, DVM, explains how veterinarians have been providing telemedicine to patients and clients for many years, but the pandemic has altered some of these practices. Therefore, Smiley offers his advice on the best approaches for virtual care in the modern world.

A partial transcript of the interview is below. View the video for more of the discussion.

Aaron Smiley, DVM: With [COVID-19] in the last 2-3 years, what we learned is that telemedicine is better delivered if its asynchronous and not scheduled. That might be something new that veterinarians are engaged with.