WF cat dies of rabies; health officials warn residents

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) – Wichita Falls-Wichita County Public Health District warns the public to stay vigilant after a kitten found at Sikes Center Mall tests positive for rabies.

A resident found a Siamese kitten at Sikes Center Mall and took it home. However, the cat got sick quickly and died shortly after being taken to the vet. Animal service officials sent the kitten to the Department of State Services, which informed local authorities Thursday that the cat tested positive for rabies.

The authorities are asking anyone who may have come into contact with this kitten between October 12 and 18 to call the local rabies control agency immediately.

The positive exposure comes after a bat also tested positive for rabies on September 22nd.

Rabies is a deadly viral disease that attacks the central nervous system and is often transmitted through infected animal bites and saliva. It is usually fatal to both humans and animals if not caught before clinical symptoms appear. In humans, these manifest as flu-like symptoms that develop into delirium, insomnia, and hallucinations.

If you or someone you know has been bitten or exposed to a potentially rabid animal, contact Angela Bakken, the local rabies control agency, at (940) 761-8837 or email Angela.Bakken@wichitafallstx. gov.

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