We’ve found the best dog advent calendars to spoil your pup this Christmas | Shopping

When it comes to the holiday season, it can get exciting for our furry friends. New smells, people coming through the house, new places to explore – they’ll want to take part in the festive activities too!

According to PrettyLittleThing, the demand for advent calendars for dogs has increased by 310 percent in the first few days of November – so you need to get your hands on them quickly.

When it comes to opening your advent calendar every morning or evening, don’t forget to include your pup in the fun. From classic pet advent calendars with dog treats or toys to luxurious dog advent calendars or alternative and grain-free options, there is an advent calendar that is perfect for your pooch.

With these dog advent calendars you will say happy howling days …

The best dog advent calendars UK 2021

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Scrumbles Dog Advent Calendar

Best dog advent calendar overall

Filled with delicious natural treats, including special treats for your dog’s dental health and some with calming effects, Scrumbles have put together a good mix in their canine advent calendar. They even have a baked turkey treat for your dog to partake in the Christmas dinner drive.

Trixie advent calendar for dogs

Best dog advent calendar on Amazon

Trixie advent calendar for dogsAmazonAmazon

The Trixie dog advent calendar has great reviews on Amazon and is rated for its range and the quality of the daily goodies. Your pooches will stand in line to open their daily door with several goodies for them to eat. Even better, it’s on Amazon, so it will be with you asap.

Cot2tot & Beyond personalized dog advent calendar

Best advent calendar wreath for dogs

Cot2tot & Beyond personalized dog advent calendarnotonthehighstreet

Your puppy will not be able to resist this dog advent calendar in the shape of a wreath with 24 delicious bones and a personal message from you. If you don’t want dog bones, this shop also has their selection of Denta Sticks to help keep your pup’s teeth healthy. Wrapped in a ribbon, it is sure to be a festive treat.

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What can I give my pet for Christmas?

With Christmas just around the corner, don’t miss the deals for your furry friends. There are plenty of listings on pet sites for things from toys to treats to Christmas items.

You can find good options in places like Pets at Home and Amazon, with deals on a variety of Christmas pet products or even general home and pet tools to stock up on.

If you want something a little more unique, you can grab tools that could work for both you and your pets. Think of tools like vacuum cleaners, furniture, and beds that can make your life easier and your pet’s life even better.

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