West Orange Cat Named After Game Of Thrones Character Needs Home

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WEST ORANGE, NJ – A cat named after a Game of Thrones character lives up to its namesake – and deserves a path to an everlasting home, says the West Orange Animal Welfare League.

According to the group, Cersei was found a stray and makes her unhappiness with the stay at the shelter very clear.

“Just like her GoT namesake, she wants her own way,” wrote the West Orange Animal Welfare League on social media.

“To meet Cersei, leave us a VM at 973-736-8689,” the group continued. “Although the animal control facility remains closed to the public, the animal control officers can conduct adoptions by arrangement.”

Here is some more information about Cersei, through her profile on Petfinder:

“Let’s introduce you to Cersei. Just like her namesake Cersei wants her own way. Cersei was found a stray. A very nice lady saw Cersei hanging around her apartment, picked her up and took her inside. Then she called animal control just in case someone misses their cat and Cersei spent the night with the lady in her apartment, everything was fine.

“The nice lady couldn’t keep this beautiful cat, and in the morning the animal inspection came. The officer bent down and petted Cersei and thought, ‘Another stray friendly cat’; but when she went to pick up Cersei, Cersei ran away from this new place that she spent the night, liked and had no intention of leaving. After a hidden object game, Cersei was finally penned up and taken to the shelter. That’s where the real fun began. Cersei hates it there and does that hiss, caress you We hope so much that she will settle in again and be that nice kitten control she petted in this apartment again.

“Meanwhile, Cersei went to the vet who estimated she was 1 to 2 years old. Exam showed she was in good health. Her FL / FIV tests were negative and there were no parasites. She got hers Rabies and distemper vaccinations and was neutered. Then she was taken back to the shelter – which she hates. We can understand why the shelter scares her. All the strange sights and sounds. She was the same in the vet office but when you think about it both places are very similar – all those shiny cages … all those strange noises … all these strange people. We hope when Cersei is back in a home all these fears will go away and she can settle in comfortably and relaxed with their people.

“If you are considering adopting and want more information about Cersei, or just want to know how she is doing, give us a call. WOAWL can be reached at 973-736-8689. Although the animal control facility (commonly called the shelter ) is still closed to the public, the animal control officers can carry out adoptions by arrangement. “