Well being scare for Apache Cat

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Apache Cat. Image: racing photos

The champion sprinter Apache Cat will undergo treatment for eye cancer.

The eight-time Group 1 winner is expected to be irradiated later this month. Dr. Andrew Clarke, CEO of Living Legends, said he was confident of seeing a positive result.

“On the 23rd, they will scrape off as much (cancer) tissue as possible and … (will) have radiation treatment,” said Dr. Clarke to RSN.

“It’s only 2 mm deep. So he’s going to have the radiation and the prognosis is very good, but … you still have to be nervous about these kinds of things.

“The good thing is that we’re early.”

Dr. Clarke said he started worrying about Apache Cat’s eye last November.

“Pache always had a bit of conjunctivitis in the summer. At the end of November he had a bit of conjunctivitis and I had one look and was just not happy, there was a little angry stain in there, ”he said.

“We had a couple of visits to Andrew (Turner, an ophthalmologist) and about three weeks ago we had to take Pache and have a biopsy.

“It’s the typical type of sun tumor that you get on your skin. It’s very rare in the position (on Apache Cat). “