Well being Fusion: Do you have to let your canine sleep in your mattress at evening?

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Meet Ruby! She is the little Lab puppy we recently welcomed to our home. Since her arrival, my family and I have discussed whether to sleep in one of our beds or in one of their own.

Some time ago, Dr. Lois Krahn, a sleep doctor at the Mayo Clinic, conducted a study on the subject. She and her co-workers wanted to find out if sharing your bed with a dog interfered with sleep.

“We found that their presence in the bedroom as long as the dogs weren’t on the bed didn’t seem like a big problem for their owner’s sleep,” says Krahn. “But there was another story on the bed.”

Krahn suggests that people who own dogs should be mindful of their individual sleep needs. And if a puppy disturbs sleep on his pillow, he should consider moving the dog from the bed to another convenient place in the room.

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