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The Clark County Health Department needs public help to find two dogs that have bitten people in Winchester in the past few days.

According to Jim Cowan, a young girl was bitten on March 21 on South Main Street near the intersection of French Avenue. The little dog was about knee high and light brown or beige and had a collar.

The girl reached out to stroke the dog and it bit her hand.

The health department wants to find and test the dog to see if he is okay and has received his shots so the girl can stop taking her rabies shots, which are painful.

Also, on March 20th, a dog bit a man on Estes Drive. It was a black Labrador mix, about 70 to 80 pounds and about two feet tall, with fur about an inch long. It was probably a man, Cowan said, because he jumped a fence into the man’s yard where his bitch was.

If anyone in the area has seen a dog that matches the description of any of these dogs or who thinks they know who the owners are, they should contact Cowan at the Health Department at 859-744-1488.