Weekly Top News: Call to End Crufts Dog Show, Biden Reinstates California’s Limit on Car Emissions, Human with Pig Heart Dies and More!

Each Friday One Green Planet brings you the top news of the week. For those who don’t have a lot of time to look through the news each day, this is will be a great resource and an easy way to catch up! Here you’ll find different categories of news, a synopsis of the top stories, and links to each article that was published during the week.

1. Animal Rights and Welfare News

foie gras farm

Source: L214 PressRelease

As always we had a tone of news to cover in the world of animal rights and welfare. This week we saw happy and hopeful stories, as well as some grim and depressing ones. Some of the more notable stories included ADA Foundation in Poland Helping Animals of All Kinds Escape The War, Sadistic Footage Captured At Foie Gras Farm in France, Kewpie the Possum Learns How To Walk Again With Wheelchair, Scientists Use AI To Monitor Pigs’ Psychological Wellbeing, Horrifying Footage of Indonesian Dog Trade Shows Traffickers Stealing Pet Dogs from Local Families, World’s Largest Rattlesnake Roundup Butchering Event Is Still Happening Despite Cruel Practices, other Former Media Executive Finds New Passion and Opens Donkey Sanctuary.

Here are the other important animal stories of the week:

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2. Earth and Environmental News

power plant

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There were numerous stories about the environment this week which gave us hope for the future and reminded us how far we still have to go. Some of the more memorable stories included Biden Lets Meat Industry Off the Hook in Clash in With Pledges on Climate Change, UN Expert Warns Millions Dying in ‘Sacrifice Zones’ Around The World, Will Europe’s Path to Renewable Energy Be Bridged by Nuclear Power, and Coal?, and CMA Gearing Up to Expose Biggest Greenwashers in UK Fashion Industry for Faking Sustainability Claims.

Here are the other top earth stories of the week:

3. Plant-Based Food News

PLANTA Queen dessert

Source: PLANTA Restaurants/Press Release

This week was a lot of big news in the world of food, including a Burger King in the UK going completely vegan for a month and Peet’s Coffee launching a fully vegan menu. There were plenty of things to cheer about this week, including Finless Foods Introducing First Cell-Based Bluefin Tuna!, Amazon Fresh Introduces Its Own Plant-Based Product Line, and Chef David Lee’s Plant-Based Asian Concept Restaurant, PLANTA Queen, opens in NYC.

Here are the other food stories of the week:

4. Natural Health News

Eric Adams

Source: levradin/Shutterstock

This week was another big news week for the mayor of New York, plus a surprise announcement from a movie star who went raw vegan to prepare for her role in the series WeCrashed, which releases on AppleTV today. Here are the health stories of the week:

5.Human Interest Stories

Stand with Ukraine sign

Source: Wachiwit/Shutterstock

One of the more interesting stories published this week was Man With Genetically Modified Pig Heart Dies. What The Experiment Ever Ethical?. The article looks at both the ethics from a human point of view as well as the ethical implications for the animal involved. Plus, there was a petition roundup that included calling on the Texas governor to respect trans youth, asking lawmakers to not allow domestic abusers to own guns, and a call for the US Senate to legalize abortion.

Here are the other top human interest stories of the week:

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