Wayward cat wanders from New Jersey to Pittsburgh whereas lacking for over four years

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PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania (KDKA) – Who Said Black Cats Are Unlucky?

The best of luck was just found here in a Pittsburgh animal shelter that helped her reunite with her long-lost owner.

According to Animal Friends, Nova went missing as a kitten just before Christmas in 2016. She and her owner were living in New Jersey at the time.

After Nova slipped out of her apartment one morning, her owner posted missing leaflets and searched far and wide for her beloved pet.

Eventually, Nova’s owner had to move to Massachusetts.

All the while the wayward Nova was making its way from New Jersey to Pittsburgh.

According to Animal Friends, Nova found herself on the doorstep of Diane, a shelter volunteer, one day. After Diane found out how friendly she was, Nova took her to the shelter to look for a microchip.

Fortunately, Animal Friends found one and was able to track down Nova’s owners in Massachusetts. She was very happy to hear that her long-lost companion had been found.

She traveled to Pittsburgh this week to pick up Nova.

Now the two are on their way home, where Nova is also reunited with her kitty sibling.

Good luck with your next adventure, Nova!

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