Waterford man enters plea in fatal stabbing of wife, Jessica Kuchon, and family dog – The Oakland Press

A Waterford Township man who was charged with stabbing his wife and family dog ​​last year pleaded guilty to insanity in Oakland County Circuit Court Monday.

William Kuchon, 39, was charged with first degree first degree murder of Jessica Kuchon, 39, at her home on October 2, 2020. He was also charged with killing the dog, a 4 year crime.

Oakland County Jail Photo

William Kuchon

Kuchon’s insane lawsuit is backed up by reports from the state Center for Forensic Psychiatry and an independent psychologist based on mental health assessments earlier this year.

According to Waterford Police, a police officer was called about a domestic disturbance at the couple’s home and was seen punching his wife in the chest while they were standing outside their home. Kuchon then backed away as she fell forward, and the officer found that she had been stabbed. Jessica Kuchon was transported to a nearby hospital where she died.

One of the couple’s daughters was in the house at the time and reportedly told police that she woke up from her mother and yelled that the family dog ​​was bleeding. The daughter said she saw the dog stabbed and it died in her arms.

Judge Victoria Valentine accepted Kuchon’s request and referred him back to the Center for Forensic Psychiatry, where he will undergo further psychological tests and examinations for a maximum of 60 days. He will then return to the court where the center’s report will be presented and future steps will be determined.

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