Watch: ‘Cat People’ joins ‘Dogs’ Season 2 on Netflix

June 14 (UPI) – Netflix released the trailer for the second season of its dog documentary series Dogs and a trailer for the new series Cat People on Monday. Both series premiered on July 7th.

Season 2 of Dogs features the stories of four dogs and their owners in four episodes. These include a university mascot and his supervisor, an astronaut with two Rhodesian Ridgebacks, a priest tending to an injured dog, and a military contractor who rescued a dog on the street in Iraq.

Season 1 aired in 2018. Netflix renewed the series in 2019.

Cat People follows multiple cat owners and their unique relationships with cats. The trailer features a cat birthday party, an Instagram cat celebrity, a rescuer nursing street cats to health, a surfer sharing a board with a cat, and a band teaching cats to play instruments.

Cat People has six episodes. Glen Zipper designed and produced both series as executive producer.

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