Warning issued to every cat owner who works at home due to Covid

Cats could be stressed out during the Covid-19 pandemic if their owners are home all day.

Experts have warned cat owners that since the health crisis began, their cats could be more anxious and stressful.

Covid 19 broke out in the UK last March and became a global health crisis and pandemic.

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The government-enforced bans that followed left millions working at home.

But this has caused some pets to struggle to adapt, according to experts.

Pet cats are stressed out because their owners are home all the time during the Covid pandemic, with many preferring to have some time to themselves during the day, says animal rights group Cats Protection.

“It appears that some cats have become more stressed in their homes during the pandemic,” a spokeswoman said.

“Changes in a cat’s daily routine can always cause stress because they are creatures of habit.

“Also, ‘safe’ or ‘quiet’ places that a cat could have escaped to earlier in the house may have been converted into a home office, so that the cat no longer has a quiet place.”

The spokeswoman continued in her warning to the British: “A cat who is anxious or anxious for children at home normally has seven hours of respite during the day.”

She added, “Or, if a cat is generally sensitive and responsive to a lot of sounds and activities, the more people are home, the more stressful the cat will be.”

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