Warning after more than 30 kittens born to just eight cats in just a few weeks

An animal welfare organization urges cat owners to have their pets neutered after a kitten boom in the northeast.

The Cats Protection branch in Fraserburgh, Peterhead and District counted 33 kittens born to eight mothers in just a few weeks.

Volunteers worked hard to look after pregnant women and nursing mothers, but such a high number of newborns in such a short time put the small team under pressure.

© Shutterstock Kittens at Cats Protection. Supplied by Cats Protection.

The charity believes there could be various reasons for the increased numbers, such as veterinary practices being forced to put most spay and neuter cases on hold due to the pandemic – resulting in a backlog after restrictions are relaxed.

Cat grooming training required

While there is a long list of homes waiting for kittens, the rise in the number is still worrying and can be detrimental to the health and wellbeing of cats.

Branch coordinator Ron Maclean believes there needs to be more education about the importance of neutering in cats.

He said, “There are definitely a few different factors at play here with so many being cared for at the same time, but education is still the number one concern and people need to realize that having a pet comes with a huge responsibility.

Kittens in cat protection. Supplied by Cats Protection.

“There have been people who get cats and kittens from various sources during the lockdown, have not neutered them, then get bored and either abandon them or let them stray; as well as people who are unable to get along with their pets for financial or health reasons. “

The charity provides assistance to cat owners with neutering their pets, including year-round assistance for those on low incomes or benefits. It also hosts “Snip and Chip” events where cats can be neutered and chipped for £ 15. The next event is expected to take place in August.

Mr. Maclean added, “We are here to help, whether it be to provide advice on cat welfare or assist with neutering. We’re just asking people to get in touch before the situation gets out of hand. “

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