Villagers’ rag doll cats have differing views on stroller rides

A pair of rag doll cats who live at The Villages have very different views on stroller rides.

Gucci and CoCo are brother and sister and live with them in the village of Santo Domingo Jean and Richard Atkins.

Gucci (left) and CoCo were referred to as “The Littles”.

The couple lost Gabby, their rescue cat, and waited six months before bringing home the two new cats who are part of a rag doll. You stole “The Littles”. You are now two and a half years old.

The couple admits that the cats are totally spoiled.

I travel with CoCo in a stroller. I say to her: Come on, CoCo. Get in the car. ‘ She comes running and jumps into the stroller. She loves our walks around the neighborhood. Gucci doesn’t like the stroller that much. I have to put it in and quickly close the top. Otherwise he would jump out, ”said Richard Atkins.

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