Village Vet brings natural medicine to Stevensville

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Dr. Dawn Tulson aims to revitalize the village’s naturopathic institution and make homeopathic medicine available to everyone in Stevensville, including pets.

Tulson’s Village Vet Clinic will be inaugurated on Wednesday, July 14th, 10 am-11pm with an open house at its newly established location at 5733 St Joseph Ave, Stevensville, MI.

At the opening event, tours of the new facility will be offered and the vet will answer questions about her traditional medical services such as acupuncture, veterinary spinal manipulation, herbal medicine, and cold laser therapy.

“People are making more and more alternative medicine choices for themselves these days. So when they realize that this is an option for their pets too, they’re usually pretty open to it,” said Tulson.


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“It’s been very popular in major cities and other regions of the country for 20 to 30 years, so I’m excited to introduce a new approach to this area.”

Dr. Tulson uses her methods as a standalone practice in conjunction with traditional treatments such as surgery, and as a secondary option when patients become unresponsive to traditional treatments.

“What we’re doing isn’t a quick fix and not everything is fixed all the time, but sometimes we get a better response with this type of treatment,” said Tulson.

“I’ve had cases where traditional medicine worked well for a while, then suddenly a dog or cat stopped responding to treatment and the owners might not be ready to say goodbye.”

“Or, in other cases, I’ve treated a patient with acupuncture after surgery and he was able to walk again in 24-48 hours instead of a week. I just hope to offer a good quality of life and a good balance. “

Tulson has lived in southwest Michigan for 15 years and worked at Mattawan Veterinary Hospital and Nickerson Animal Center before founding Village Vet in Stevensville.

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