Vietnam’s Hoi An city pledges to phase out dog and cat meat consumption

Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and tourist destination, has signed a pledge with the global animal welfare organization Four Paws International.

Setting a precedent

Officials in the Vietnamese city of Hoi An announced on Friday They would be the first city in the country to phase out the sale and consumption of cat and dog meat.

The Hung City Deputy Mayor said of the decision: “We want to promote animal welfare by eradicating rabies, stop the dog and cat meat trade and make the city a prime tourist destination.”

Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, previously encouraged residents not to eat dog and cat meat to improve the city’s reputation and reduce the risk to public health from rabies infections.

Change attitudes towards meat consumption

Vietnam currently consumes the second highest amount of dogs of any country in the world, with an estimated 6.3% of the population consuming dogs.

Although cat and dog meat are still considered a delicacy by some in Vietnam, attitudes towards consumption have changed recently. According to the Bangkok Post, a nationwide survey commissioned by Four Paws found that 88% of Vietnamese support a ban on eating cats and dogs.

Featured image via Toomas Tartes

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