Vets issues urgent warning to dog owners who walk their pet in woodlands

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Dog owners who like to walk through the woods or heath with their four-legged friends are warned to be cautious after reports of a potentially fatal disease.

Concerns were raised after a few cases of dogs infected with seasonal dog disease (SCI) were reported in the UK.

It affects dogs shortly after their forest walk, and can be fatal – thoughts often go untreated if treated early enough, according to the Healthy Pet Club.

Now the veterinary practice has provided the details of what to look for.

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A veterinary group has sent a harsh warning to anyone walking their pet in the woods or heather after finding health concerns in dogs.

The warning reported by BirminghamLive comes from the Dowding Vets about seasonal dog diseases as the first cases of animals are reported in the UK.

The operation hit social media this week to warn pet owners across the UK of the risk to your dog’s health.

BirminghamLive reports as Dowding Vets wrote on social media: “Seasonal Dog Sickness Alert!

“We just saw our first case of seasonal dog disease.”

While the location they offer is Daneshill Lanes in Nottingham, it applies to any wooded area depending on practice.

The vets added, “We recommend that you don’t walk your dog in woods or heaths until the weather changes to cooler temperatures.”

In another helpful update, the vets shared what to look out for.

Owners are advised to check their dogs’ paws after walks in woods or heathland

Dog owners have been warned of three main symptoms in animals: vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy.

The vets group then added, “These clinical symptoms appear very quickly – usually within 72 hours.

“Check for orange / red mites after walks between the toes, armpits and groin and around the ears (see photo).

“Please contact for further advice if your dog has any of these symptoms.”

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The post was shared by over 330 people, with well over 50 comments from concerned animal lovers.

“Spread the word,” wrote one worried pet owner.

Another dog lover wrote, “Be careful out there.”

“Watch out,” a third agreed, and many others moved to tag friends, family, and loved ones in the comment area.

According to the Healthy Pet Club, symptoms can include vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, lethargy, no food, muscle tremors, and an above-average body temperature.

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