Veterinary Vision in Penrith receives international accreditation

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An ophthalmic veterinary practice in Penrith has been recognized for its facilities for feline patients.

Owned by Linnaeus, which has three clinics in the north of England, Veterinary Vision was recognized by the International Society for Feline Medicine (ISFM), an international charity dedicated to the welfare of cats, for the facilities it provides within its facilities , Silver Accredited Locations in Penrith, Sunderland and Charnock Richard.

The Veterinary Vision team has taken a number of steps to ensure that all feline patients receive first-class treatment.

Head Nurse Nicola Atkins said, “We are very happy and proud to have received our silver accreditation for cat-friendly clinic status.

“This award shows that our feline patients have been carefully considered and that we have ensured that the best standards of care are in place to give them a positive and stress-free visit.

“In order to receive this internationally recognized award, we had to prove that we met all ISFM criteria.

“This includes assigning a nurse and veterinarian to each center to take care of our cats and providing cats-only waiting areas to reduce their stress levels.”

Nicola said there are many benefits to being able to tailor facilities and treatments to cat patients.

She added, “We provide cats with carefully tailored care in our stress-free waiting areas and high standards of anesthesia protocols that enable an enriching stay in our hospitals.

“This also calms the owners down and ensures that they feel more comfortable with their cats when visiting our clinics.”