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Almost any veterinary technician or veterinary nurse will tell you they do what they do because they love animals. What they do every day can help animals live longer and stay healthier, which means they are also helping pet owners and making sure they understand what to do for their furry friends. When a vet does his job well, everyone wins!


When you take your pet to the vet, you may find a member of staff helping the vet and maybe helping hold your pet during the exam. The veterinarian is always responsible for diagnosing, prescribing medication and performing surgical procedures – however, this assistant may be a veterinary nurse or technician who has received special training in examining and treating the animals.

The veterinary technician or “vet” (often called a veterinary nurse) can assist with surgery, administer medication, and help pet owners understand and follow the veterinarian’s instructions. Some veterinarians may run laboratory tests, clean teeth, do x-rays, insert IVs, and even help with euthanasia if necessary.

A veterinarian’s nurse can make a veterinarian more effective at treating pets, as the veterinarian can focus on the patient while the veterinarian takes care of the technical details. A veterinarian’s nurse is a seasoned professional who can help the veterinarian ensure your pet receives world-class medical care and personal attention.

The American Humane Association annually honors a Hero Veterinarian and a Hero Veterinary Nurse. Similar to the Hero Dog Awards, you can go online at and vote for the vet and nurse who you think should be recognized as representing the professionals who care for our furry friends and help make their lives better to enhance.

For information on training to become a veterinary technician, visit the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America website at Here you will find information on training and certification for people who love animals and want to join a veterinary health team.

And if your vet has a vet, take a minute on your next visit to thank them for the hard work and care they show to their patients. After all, when you talk about pets, the closest furry friend they groom might be yours.

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