Veterinary medicine in the military with Zachary Tooley

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Zachary Tooley discusses his path to veterinary medicine via the military.

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Zachary Tooley, SAVMA President, shared how students can find their veterinary profession by way of serving in the military. He shares his experience with scholarship programs and the types of veterinary work one can do in the military.

Below is a partial transcript. Listen to the full podcast for more.

Zachary Tooley, SAVMA President: You work to provide service for the military working dogs, and that that’s not just the dogs that are serving overseas. That can be TSA dogs, border patrol dogs, [or] anything like that. Any of those government organizations that have animals, you provide veterinary service for them. If you’re closer to the Capitol, you can work with ceremonial horses that are used for ceremonial funerals and different different functions like that. And you also provide just basic primary care and all that to any military personnel as animals that happened to bring them into your veterinary service when you’re working at a clinic on-base. So, it’s pretty much anything you could want to do in vet med, there’s an option for it in the veterinary corps. It’s super cool.