Veterinary Medical Board removes SCV veterinarian’s license

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The Veterinary Medical Board revoked the veterinary license for operating three local veterinary clinics in a 137-page judgment passed Tuesday.

Bhalpal Sandhu’s veterinary license revocation has been on parole since a complaint was filed against him in 2016, but the parole and license will be revoked effective May 27, according to the committee’s decision. According to the ruling, Sandhus license is affiliated with the AV Veterinary Center, All Creatures Veterinary Center, and Canyon Country Veterinary Hospital.

The verdict of Ji-Lan Zang, a judge with the state bureau of administrative hearings, was testified on more than 40 different complaints involving dozens of different animal owners in a hearing held virtually over several weeks last year 14. September to October 2nd, with additional testimony from December 1st to 2nd. He was also asked to pay just over $ 47,000 in reparation.

The decision of the Veterinary Medical Board states:

“The applicant established the vast majority of the grounds for disciplinary action and all grounds for revocation of parole set out in the amended charge / motion for revocation of parole. The files show that (Sandhu) committed numerous negligence, incompetence, unprofessional behavior and inadequate record keeping in the treatment of his animal patients. In its capacity as managing licensee of AVVC, All Creatures and Canyon Country, (Sandhu) it has failed to comply with regulations on radiation safety, sterility of operating rooms and accountability in protocols for the release of controlled substances. “

The verdict also found that the plaintiff had provided sufficient evidence that Sandhu had violated his probationary terms “by failing to comply with all laws and by submitting quarterly reports, proof of completion of community service and completion of continuing education courses” .

It was also noted that Sandhu’s testimony was “less than open and he presented little evidence of rehabilitation.

“Given the number and severity of the violations, the defendant’s disciplinary history, and the inadequacy of rehabilitation evidence, the only way to protect the public is to revoke the defendant’s veterinary license and registrations for AVVC, All Creatures and Canyon Country,” continued the judgment continues.

Assistant Attorney General Nancy Kaiser, who represented the applicants, and George Wallace, Sandhu’s attorney, both declined to comment when they arrived on Wednesday.

The order will strip the offices of May 27 licenses unless Sandhu is able to seek a stay of the order through the Los Angeles County Superior Court system, sources familiar with the process said. He also has a possible appeal for the decision by the civil court system of the county.

Edward Robert, one of the original complainants after his Chihuahua Fiona was attacked by the German Shepherd in 2018 and had not received adequate treatment at the AV Veterinary Center, said he was relieved and grateful at the news of Tuesday’s verdict.

“After three long years, I am extremely grateful to Assistant Attorney General Nancy Kaiser and the Veternairy Medical Board for resolving this,” he wrote in an email to The Signal. “Although Fiona and the other pets named in the lawsuit could not be saved, they had not died in vain because (Sandhus) license was revoked. This is a great victory and should be a strong message to other veterinarians that you will be held accountable for your actions. “