Veterinary Instrumentation (Vi), European Leader in Veterinary Orthopedic Supplies, Launches in the United States

DUBLIN, Ohio – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Veterinary Instrumentation (Vi), a leading global provider of professional products to help veterinarians maintain animal welfare during surgery, announced today that it is expanding into the United States. As the leading supplier of professional veterinary instruments in the UK, this move has the potential for significant growth as the brand evolves in North America.

“We hear from vets time and again that the impeccable quality of our instruments allows vets to focus on what is most important during surgery – animal welfare,” said Alex Vrancich, director of Vi North America. “Our tools help veterinarians be confident they have the best, most reliable tools to perform even the most complex procedures. Our reputation and success in the industry has allowed us to expand into other markets and we look forward to meeting the needs of veterinarians in the United States. ”

As of June 30, 2021, Vi’s range of surgical instrument packs will be available across North America. The packs are expertly made from high-quality steel and are protected against all manufacturer errors by a leading guarantee. The Vi-Packs are conveniently organized in protective, autoclavable storage cassettes. As an alternative, the company offers the kits in a perforated tray to hold veterinary tabletop autoclaves that the larger storage cassettes cannot hold.

With more than three decades of clinical expertise, Vi provides both its extensive catalog of over 4,000 professional veterinary instruments and the support of its team of experts to veterinarians in the United States. US-based veterinarians will have access to Vis’s extensive line of medical surgical instruments, and since all Vi products and services meet ISO9001 quality standards, veterinarians can have complete confidence in the instruments during surgical procedures.

Founded by a veterinarian, Vi offers a diverse and innovative product portfolio in the areas of joint surgery, orthopedic implantable devices and surgical instruments, with products that are specifically tailored to the needs of the clinician.

Vi products can now be ordered by veterinarians through Covetrus North America at

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About veterinary instruments (Vi)

Vi was founded in 1986 in the UK by John Lapish, a leading veterinarian of his time. We are headquartered in Sheffield, UK, where we were founded, and are expanding rapidly in the US with employees across the country. Since its inception, the Vi name has become synonymous with the design of innovative orthopedic implantable devices and surgical instruments in veterinary medicine. In addition to our portfolio of over 8,000 products to support the animal health market, we also offer CE training. Sign up for our newsletter and you will be informed about our new website launch at

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