Veterinary Hospital’s ‘corny pet joke’ signs bring ‘smiles’ to community

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The display of animal jokes in a veterinary clinic causes laughter among the residents. Dr. Dante Martin and manager Linda Martin opened the Holly Ridge Veterinary Hospital in North Carolina in 2015. The couple posted jokes on the hospital’s Facebook page to make the crowds giggle. Here’s just a foretaste of what the Martins can get away with with their awning. “OK, here it is … What’s a dog’s favorite drink?” read a sign. “Slush Puppy”. “How many cats can you put in an empty box?” said another. “Only one. After that, the box is not empty”. “What do dogs do when they finish obedience school?” asked the sign. “Get their masters”. “We thought it would be a great way to put a smile on our customers’ faces while also connecting with our community,” a Holly Ridge spokesperson told Newsweek

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