Veterinary Delays + 1000 Shootings In 2021 + Tricky Car Thieves

Hello Portland! I’m back and I couldn’t be happier. Every time I leave our humble little town I am reminded of how much I love this place. But enough of my crush, let’s talk about what’s going on today.

First the weather today:

Partly cloudy skies and a high of 66 make for a beautiful autumn day.

Here are today’s top stories in Portland:

  1. Many companies are affected personnel bottlenecks and veterinary departments are no different. Pet owners see this in unprecedented delays in getting medical care for their animals. Ron Morgan, the CEO of DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital Before the pandemic, wait times were around 45 minutes, but now pet owners and their pets could wait up to a week for non-life-threatening injuries. (KGW)
  2. The mounting violence in Portland reached a new milestone on Saturday. Police Chief Chuck Lovell said the city has now more than 1,000 shootings in 2021. the Portland Police Bureau is still working on building the Focused intervention teamwhich aims to de-escalate and reduce tensions in the community that contribute to what Lovell called “the contagious crisis of armed violence.” (COIN)
  3. Car thefts are on the rise and some thieves have a tricky new tactic Vehicles to receive. According to police, the victims described between two and four teenage boys running towards their car, yelling and sometimes beating the vehicle. In the ruse they scream desperately that something is wrong with the car or that something is hanging in the back, said the police. When the victim gets out to conduct further investigation, the suspects jump into the car and drive away. At least four people were victims in the past week. All the thefts occurred in Southeast Portland. (KATU)
  4. People from the Kenton district tried a block party to irritate people who live in RVs and other vehicles Northern Portland Street. Unexpectedly their efforts to inform residents of their efforts against the homeless through the website Next door, also received notification from a group of Counter-demonstrators who invaded the neighborhood. Over the next two hours, as more counter-demonstrators arrived, about 10 neighbors approached in support of the bloc party at different times and occasionally argued verbally with the counter-demonstrators, according to several people who observed the interactions firsthand. (Willamette Week)
  5. Yesterday was the deadline for many Oregon workers get vaccinated COVID-19. the employment exchange estimates that more than 1.1 million Oregonians must be vaccinated COVID-19 to comply with either state, state, or local vaccination regulations. That’s three out of five work Oregonians. This piece of Public broadcasting in Oregon discusses local, state and federal mandates, their legality and the consequences of not vaccinating. (OPB)

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  • Travel Portland: “This has to be one of the coolest and most unique exhibits you can meet Portland in a long time. Don’t miss @ mikebennettart’s Crypto zoo, an immersive museum full of 26 life-size cryptids, monsters and mythical creatures! Play games, win prizes … “(Instagram)
  • Portland-Audubon:Portland Audubon Educator, Brodie Cass Talbott, shares his advice on how to enjoy the autumn hike. “(Facebook)
  • Portland Art Museum: “All forms of creative expression invite us deeper into ourselves, with opportunities for reflection, for change, for inspiration. Today we invite you to bring some energy with you David Parks “The Cellist” into your creative writing and se … “(Instagram)
  • It’s that time of year for that Davis cemetery strutting his stuff. For over ten years, it has created a creepy, creepy courtyard that has attracted people from all over the world Portland area. This year there is the rare opportunity not only to look behind the scenes, but also to have drinks, snacks, a creepy gift bag and with the Davis cemetery Crew. Saturday, October 23rd, tickets are $ 55 each (21+ only). Put on the costume and come to us for a creepy time in the DG. (Davis Cemetery)
  • Not sure what you Monday was like, but as this tweet will testify, it was probably pretty weird for that Portland Police. (Tweet)
  • As I mentioned earlier, the days were off City of dread have been gone a long time, but in a city that loves Halloween as much as Portland there will never be a shortage of haunted houses. Check out this website, which is a quick and easy way to find all of the exciting ones Halloween Attractions in the Portland area for 2021! (Portland Haunted Houses)

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There it is, Portland, a sublime October Tuesday for your pleasure. And now that I’m back, all you know is that I’ll be here tomorrow to talk about all of Portland. If you enjoy these newsletters, consider bringing some of your friends and neighbors on board. You can send them this link to subscribe.

Dominic Anaya

About me: Doctor, educator and now writer / artist, I just chill in Portland OR with my wife, our ferrets, our chickens and our goats.

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