Veterinarians tweak the best way enterprise is completed in the course of the pandemic

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – Veterinary clinics had to make changes to provide a safer environment for their for-legged patients during the pandemic.

The lobby at Rochelle Veterinary Hospital was empty during the pandemic as pet owners are not allowed under COVID-19 regulations.

Dogs, cats and other animals must see their veterinarian for an annual checkup. Therefore, the staff at Rochelle Veterinary Hospital adapted the operations to make this possible.

“You are doing a good job here and I’m happy with it,” said Kenneth Ponto, animal owner.

Ponto trusts the Rochelle Veterinary Clinic to take good care of his dog and the newly adopted cats

“We had to take one off. He was 9 years old so we went out and got a few more cats, ”Ponto said.

Ponto cannot go to the clinic with his pets. A vet comes to the car to take the animals to their appointment and calls them with the results.

“I have great faith in the doctors here, so it’s not a problem,” said Ponto.

Unlike Ponto, not all pet families support roadside appointments.

“We have some frustrated clinics wanting to come in with their pet or they are angry that we won’t open the clinic for them,” said Nicole Marquardt, owner and vet at Rochelle Veterinary Hospital.

Marquardt surprisingly says that most pets are better off during the appointment without a mom or dad.

“In some cases they do better without their owners because they’re not that nervous. This is an advantage. If we have an extremely aggressive animal that we need an owner for for safety reasons, we take this into account, ”said Marquardt.

Marquardt employees have improved their cleaning procedures and installed a new telephone system to accommodate the increased call volume. Hoping to continue to provide a safe place for everyone.

“It kept the clinic open and kept everyone safe, and that’s the most important thing,” said Marquardt.

Marquardt says the increased call volume can be a challenge for their employees. So she asks all pet owners to be patient when they visit the clinic for appointments.

If you have a pet emergency, follow the same steps but the phone system will put you at the top of the call log for instant help.

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