Veterinarians reveal issues it is best to by no means do to a cat

Never punish your cat directly, whether you intend to pat her butt or use a loud sound.

It could make your cat avoid you.


Longtime first-time cat adopters may be shocked to learn that training a cat to behave is not as easy as it is with their cousins.

For starters, Hauser told Insider that referring directly to your cat could have undesirable consequences.

“Cats should never be punished directly, verbally or physically. If some owners clap their hands, stamp their feet, or ring coins in a can to teach a dog that their behavior is unacceptable, this method will fail on a cat,” he said Hauser. “Cats are very sensitive to loud noises and raised voices and find them scary. They may perceive the person making these noises as a threat and will begin to avoid them.”

If your cat is engaging in behavior that you think is unacceptable, it may be perfectly healthy behavior that just requires an appropriate electrical outlet.

For example, cats that are constantly jumping on countertops and tables can benefit from a scratching post or special tall perch so they can see what is going on around them.

And cats who love to scratch can stop destroying furniture if they are given a scratching post or toy to sink their claws into.