Vet Candy teams up with Tuskegee University for their 56th annual veterinary symposium

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New this year, Vet Candy is teaming up with the college to provide some lectures and resources for the student symposium. Vet Candy’s founder and CEO, and alumnae of Tuskegee College of Vet Med, Dr. Jill Lopez will be giving the students a run down of Vet Candy’s new NAVLE prep platform- a free resource to prepare veterinary students for NAVLE and real life. With more than 50 expert guided video lessons, more than 10 course books, test strategy, and more than 250 practice questions.

Plus, Vet Candy will be hosting “Suture with Me” featuring veterinary surgeon Dr. Courtney Campbell. Suture with me is a review of the basics skills plus features expert tips to help master surgery techniques. Ethicon will be providing suture practice pads and suture material so the audience can suture along real time.

“Vet Candy is committed to providing fun, engaging, and educational experiences for veterinary students,” said Dr. Jill Lopez, veterinarian and CEO of Vet Candy. “We are humbled and proud to be introducing our new NAVLE prep platform on such an auspicious occasion as the 56th annual symposium!”

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The Virtual Symposium will be held on March 23-25, 2022. This annual conference brings together veterinarians and our esteemed alumni from across the country to discuss important issues related to animal health and veterinary medicine. Excitement is building for the virtual 56th Symposium and honoring the upcoming reunion classes. So, sign up today!