Very important Cat provides pork formulation for felines

GREEN BAY, WIS. – Vital Essentials, a raw, freeze-dried and frozen pet food brand of Carnivore Meat Company, announced the addition of pork inclusive formulas to the Vital Cat portfolio on April 6th.

Vital Cat will now include Pork Dinner Patties and Pork Mini Nibs. The new protein complements Vital Cat’s other protein varieties from a single source for freeze-dried cat food, including chicken, duck, rabbit and turkey.

The brand’s new freeze-dried pig feed options include fresh, animal-based pork protein as the main ingredient in every product. The diets are formulated without wheat, corn, soy or artificial ingredients. The Limited Ingredient Formulations are low in carbohydrates and fortified with vitamins and minerals to support overall health and wellbeing.

“Any muscle meat is a good source of taurine, which cats need in their diet because they are unable to make their own meat,” noted Dr. Richard Patton, pet nutritionist. “Pork is healthy for cats because it is a high quality protein that is rich in essential amino acids that carnivores like cats need.”

The Carnivore Meat Company pointed out that pork is a common food ingredient for cats with food sensitivity.

“We’ve heard from many pet parents that there isn’t enough variety in the market for cats, and we wanted to change that landscape for the better,” said Melissa Olson, vice president of sales and marketing for Carnivore Meat Company. “Finding something that suits a cat’s particular tastes can be difficult, so we want to provide more sources of protein so they can find the perfect diet for their pet.”

Vital Cat freeze-dried pig feed formulas are available online and through leading pet retailers in the United States.

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