Vanson: once a parking lot cat, this Torti is seeking a good home for retirement

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Say hello to Vanson, a lovely torti who seeks a quiet home away from other animals.

Eleven years ago she lived in a parking lot; Every day she saw people walking into a building, so one day she followed one of the people inside and decided to stay. The people who worked there were wonderful people – they had food, lots of space to walk around; her people would play with her, take care of her and give her a lot of love. They were with her during the day and left at night, but kept coming back the next day. Vanson is now 13 and ready to retire. It’s time for a new home, not because the people she’s with don’t want her anymore, but it gets lonely sometimes, especially at night and on weekends.

Vanson wants to live in a home with all the comforts that go with it. Vanson is in good health and has had regular vet visits and vaccinations. She loves laser pointers, string toys and catnip. If you provide Vanson with a scratching post and / or cardboard scraper, it is them, not your furniture. Vanson can be noisy at times; it could be letting you know that you should pick her up or that she would like some goodies. She loves to look out the window, cuddled up in a soft blanket. Vanson hopes you won’t be put off or think she is demanding. Our friends at Quincy Animal Shelter have learned a lot about Vanson so you can determine if it is the perfect addition to your home. Personally, she thinks you will love her. * If you have any questions, please email [email protected] *

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