‘Vain’ Florida Cat Mesmerized by Mirror Reflection

A cat in Gainesville, Florida was caught on camera on February 10 admiring its reflection in a mirror while several other cats were watching one of their “favorite videos” in the background, owner Abby Frick told Storyful.

“The cats in the videos are a combination of my own and those of my roommate…. The one in the mirror is my cat Charlie, ”Frick told Storyful.

“The cats watch one of their favorite videos that keeps them happy when we humans do human things. Charlie just beat to the beat of his own drum and instead admired his reflection, ”added Frick.

In a TikTok post, Frick said, “Tell me your cat is vain without telling me your cat is vain. I’ll go first. “Photo credit: Abby Frick via Storyful

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