Useless Canine Situated in Suitcase Present in Bloody Car; Ukiah Police Arrest Proprietor – Redheaded Blackbelt

This is a press release from the Ukiah Police Department. The information has not been proven in court and everyone described should be suspected innocent to demonstrably guilty::

At around 3:22 p.m. on May 25, a PD official from Ukiah noticed a vehicle stopping and blocking the driveway of E. Perkins St. Chevron. The officer initiated a vehicle inspection and contacted a male inmate identified as Aldar Fragoso. Fragoso was not cooperative and exhibited bizarre behavior. Fragoso had red stains on much of his clothing, as well as frozen blood in the center console of the vehicle. Fragoso was not cooperative and concerns for the subject’s safety grew when a bloody pair of cutting scissors was located and removed from the vehicle.

Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department MPs, paramedics, firefighters, and mental health workers all responded to the scene but failed to achieve compliance or collaboration on the issue. MCSO MPs had contacted Fragoso earlier in the day and informed UPD officials that he had a dog with him. When asked about the dog, Fragoso said he didn’t have a dog. The scissors were believed to have been tested in the field and were positive for blood but negative for human blood. Fragoso’s bizarre behavior and the scene prompted mental health and officials to put the issue on hold for further evaluation.

Fragoso’s vehicle was parked blocking the driveway and running out of gas. A tow truck was called and an inventory search of the vehicle was carried out. UPD officers found Fragoso’s dead dog in a suitcase. The MCSO MPs who had previously contacted him said it was the same dog they had seen alive in their previous contact. Based on the circumstances described and the on-site evidence, officials accused Fragoso of cruelty to animals and he was posted to the Mendocino County Prison.

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