University of Illinois Veterinary Open House Attracts Lots of People | Top Story

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Champaign, Illinois (wall) – The University of Illinois invited the public on Sunday to participate in an inside look at veterinary research.

“When you are inside, there is a herpetology booth in front of you with small creatures and fun information like snakeskin and herpetology. You can then go through the anatomy laboratory. There. There are scary things like herpetology. There are different types of worms … there are also pathology clubs … there are some real specimens like hairballs that are found in animals. They experience different x-rays of what happens when they get a certain disease, “says Alexandria Talley, a third-year veterinary student on the Open House Commission. ..

“Next, when you go to the large animal department, there are cows with fistulas that you can actually see inside the cows … and there are wildlife patients too,” Tally said.

Another third grade veterinary student shared how this event can make a difference Often misunderstood Jobs.

“MeThis is arguably a group of undervalued people and a profession as a whole. Yes sir It’s really great to take people with you, get them to see this and educate them, ”said Jason Zumski, third year veterinarian and class representative.

“Veterinary medicine is very broad and very diverse, and you can see so many different things,” said Szumski.

They hope this event will give young people a special day to think about becoming a veterinarian or give their families a special day to learn more about our planet and those who study its animals.

University of Illinois Veterinary Open House attracts many people | Top story

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